El Gato Moro

We are a small cattery of Maine Coon cats with A.N.F.I. – F.I.F.E. identification, recognized by the Ministry Of Agriculture.

The passion for animals, and in particular for cats, this pushed me and my husband, in 2008, to bring home our first maine coon.
Emanuel, in particular, fell in love with these cats, with wild expression and long and mighty body!
Lillian was a beautiful silver tabby crawls; she, after a few years, gave us the first joy in seeing the birth of life in our hands!

Then came Rollie, Sofie, Trinity, Tierra, Tex, … and gradually scroll through this rushing river, among the feline expo and lots of cuddles, lots of games… and so many little kittens to care for, to wean, to heal… to say goodbye!
These small and large creatures with their movements of big cats and the liveliness and affection of eternal children, they take each day our hearts and make us slaves with their purr… every little friend, moving away from our home, leaves its footprints in our lives… and these remain forever indelible! In fact, for us it is important to maintain a “silk floss” with the new families, get some news and photos of our little coonies during their lifetime… and gladly leave some good advice!
We leave in Negrar of Verona, in the heart of Valpolicella.

All our cats, puppies and adults, live with us and our children; they are so accustomed to domestic life and coexistence with animals and people. Our puppies reach new families after completion of 12 weeks after birth, with FIFE pedigree and health card, wormed, vaccinated and accompanied by a small puppy kit.
Our cats are all genetically N / N for HCM and, every year, they repeat a cardiac echography to check also the clinic health. They all are also tested for FIV and FeLV, for which they all are obviously negative.

We remain at your disposal for all your requests and / or information…of course this is BEFORE and AFTER the entrusting of our little treasures!

Valentina and Emanuel